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Working with parents

Everyone at Frizington Nursery School & Preschool values the parents & carers of the children who we care for as the first and most important educators of their children. This is why we try to work in partnership with all our families for the benefit their children.

In order to achieve this partnership your child's key worker will be closely involved in building a strong relationship with both the children in their care and their parents.


  • To be available for informal discussions with parents at the end of the sessions.
  • To keep detailed developmental records of each child's 'learning journey' while attending our setting. These will be given to the child when they leave us.
  • To share the 'learning journey' with both the child and their parents at regular intervals.
  • To make sure that the 'settling in process' meets the needs of the child and the family so that the child feels secure, safe and cared for in the setting.
  • Visiting children at home before they join the nursery class.
  • Providing an opportunity for parents to discuss their child's progress on an individual basis regularly.
  • Providing a written summary of each child's progress at the end of their time in the setting. A copy of this written report will be passed onto the next setting the child attends.


  • We would encourage parents to provide us with some basic information about their child's needs, development and interests before they join us.
  • We would encourage parents to keep us up to date with changes in their child's circumstances and interests and they happen.
  • We would encourage parents to review their child's 'learning journey' regularly and contribute to them as appropriate.
  • We would encourage parents to take the opportunities offered to discuss their child's progress.

By working together in this way we can ensure the best possible opportunities are identified and developed for each child we care for.

We would like you to work in partnership with us to enhance your child's learning by:

  • Sharing the Story Sacks with your child, encouraging them to join in with the stories, especially the repetative parts, getting them to talk about the story and what might happen, which parts they particularly liked, why they think things happened and how the characters might have felt
  • Playing the games with them from the maths sacks and letting us know how they got on.
  • Telling us what you are working with at home so we can support it in school, keeping us in touch with their interests, any events or visits you are making so that we can talk about them here in school as well.
  • Borrowing library books to take home and share.
  • Attending parents meetings so that we can talk together in detail about your child and plan together for their progress.
  • Regularly logging into Tapestry to keep up to date with what your child had been doing at nursery and talking to them about it.
  • Following up on the next steps in learning we are working on at school so that learning is consistent at home and school.