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Tooth 2 Encourage regular toothbrushing

 In our nursery class we have Health Weeks with a focus on ‘taking care of our teeth’. The children are involved in activities and learning aimed to help them develop their understanding of the importance of looking after their teeth and how they can do this. Over the course of the week the children learn about foods which are good and bad for teeth, the role of the dentist, how to brush their teeth effectively and what happens to their teeth if they do not take care of them. Songs, rhymes and stories are also used throughout the week. They also fill in a teeth cleaning chart which when completed is returned to school for a teeth cleaning prize of toothbrush, toothpaste and timer.



All children clean their teeth in nursery each day.


We have other resources such as story sacks which help to reinforce the messages the children learn at nursery.

        This  is our dentists sack                                                         and this is our teeth brushing sack