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Useful Links

Safeguarding in the Curriculum


Drowning Prevention Week in 2023 was held between June 17th to June 24th. To find more information about Drowning Prevention weeks, please follow the link. 

In our School Nursery the children used the resources from the Royal Life Saving Society to discuss and talk about dangers they could see in a variety of pictures, from a beach setting,  to a harbour setting and a lake setting. The children shared their thoughts and opinions on how people in the picture where not being safe and what could they do different to keep safe. The posters are below, you could have these conversations at home with your child. 

Spot the Dangers Posters

The children have also been learning about the 'Water Safety Code', here is a video of the children explaining the elements of the Water Safety Code. 


 Safer Internet Day was held on the 7th February 2023. To find out more information on Safer Internet Day please follow this link,

In our School Nursery the children listened and watched the story of 'Hanni and the Magic Window'. The children created their own Magic Window and talked about the importance of telling a grown up if you see something that upsets you.