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Safer Sleep for Babies


Key Messages

  • The safest place for a baby is to sleep on their back in a cot or Moses basket and in the same room as parents or carers for the first six months including and sleep period, day or night
  • Sleeping with a baby on a sofa puts the baby at greatest risk.
  • Infants should never share a bed with anyone who is a smoker, has consumed alcohol or has taken drugs (legal or illegal).
  • The incidence of SIDS is higher in the following groups:
    • parents in low socio-economic groups
    • parents who abuse alcohol or drugs
    • parents who smoke
    • young mothers


Safer Sleep for Baby - 6 simple steps


Safer Sleep for Baby is based around six simple steps, designed to be easy to follow and cover the main risk factors.   You can see the six steps on our website Safer Sleep for Baby.

Every family has different circumstances and people may have more specific questions.  There are people in Cumbria who can help, whether this is a health professional, Children's Centre, social worker or support group information is also available from The Lullaby Trust helpline