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Admissions policy & Procedure


Our aim of this policy is to provide a fair and just admission procedure free from any discrimination for all children and to set out the procedure to be followed when a new child applies to joins our setting.


 A visit is arranged with a senior member of the Preschool staff, to show prospective families around and answering any questions they have.

 An ‘expression of interest’ form will be completed by the family giving details of the days and times they would like their child to attend. A brief information booklet is provided at this point and more detailed information prior to admission.

 Information will be given to parents/carers at this point regarding fee’s.

 Every effort will be made to accommodate children wishing to attend preschool, while adhering to requirements from Ofsted.

 Any child who has had their first immunisations or is at the age of first immunisations will be eligible to attend.

 Our admissions are based on a waiting list system, priority will be given to those who have been on the waiting list longest.

 Adult: child ratio’s must be adhered to at all times,

 The place being offered must be financially beneficial for the preschool or must not make us run at a loss.

 Where possible we aim to provided preferred session times, or provide alternative days/ times if these are not available.

 We operate a 6 hour minimum booking per week.

 No child or family will be discriminated against on the grounds of marital status, age, gender, culture, religious belief, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.

 Prior to the admission we will require a completed personal details form.

 When the place has been confirmed we will arrange a series of 3 induction visits (see settling in policy). At this stage a contract must be signed and all other necessary information must be provided.

 Children's confidential contact information, medical records, dietary requirements and permission slips will be stored in a locked cupboard and must be in place before start date.

 Applications will be considered with within a week of being received.

 Parents will be contacted to acknowledge receipt and advise them of the availability of a place, or when a place may become available.

 If a child is on a waiting list the family will be contacted at regular intervals to ask if they still require the place & to keep them informed of the situation.

 The receipt of all enquiries/ applications will be recorded and dated.