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Useful Links

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This is our Preschool Room where children from birth to three years old come to learn and be cared for.

The under two's have an area of their own that gives them plenty of room to explore and practice walking & crawling. It also gives them physical challenges and multi sensory stimulation to help develop their independence and curiosity.


Under 2's area


The rest of the room is a space for the two to three year olds. it provides opportunities for a wide range of play.....

There is a space to create masterpieces...

An area to build and make things.....

A place to imagine and pretend...

Somewhere to cuddle up with a good book and spend some quiet time...

A place to be more active and explore and experiment....

and a HUGE indoor sand pit to climb into!

2-3's Area

 This is our Nursery Class where children from 3 to 4 years old come for their nursery education.

This is our area for creative activities, here you can paint, glue, make models and pictures and explore malleable materials such as clay and dough. A water area, where children learn by exploring how liquids pour and move and how objects float, sink and behave in water. A construction area, here the children have a variety of different materials to build with the props added make it an ideal place for imaginative play with small world equipment and tools and costumes too. A home corner, as the name suggests it is a home-from-home. Here children can act out roles of adults from home or develop their imaginative play further by turning it into something completely different! The Sunshine Room, is used for quiet activities such as 'writing' and maths games. Activities take place here each morning so that the group can all get to know each other better and provide a calm and settled start to the day. We have a story area, a snack area and we eat our lunch in Tommy's room.






Our school grounds have changed a lot in the last few years. We have put a lot of thought into providing a variety of opportunities for different kinds of play from the energetic climbing and cycling to the quieter growing area and spaces to sit and talk.

The children have access to a wide range of resources which they can use in a multitude of ways.

We have a bridge, teepee and slide, a sand house and a structure the children call the Telly Tubby hill in the middle of our track. There is a garden area where we grow vegetables and flowers and our sandpit is under a canopy so we can use it even when it is wet. There is an area for climbing and quieter spaces where you can sit and have a chat.