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Our Governing Body operates as a whole unit, we meet each half term to discuss matters relating to the effective and efficient running of our school. A Business meeting is held during the first half of each term, concentrating on policies, procedures and finance and a Development meeting during the second half of each term focuses on the improvement and development of the setting.  Some individual Governors have specialist responsibilities (see below); they have taken on these roles because they have expertise/ special interests in the area and they work closely with the appropriate staff and report back to the full Governing Body. All decisions are made by the full Governing Body after discussion and deliberation.


Rosey Richardson



Co-opted Governor


Governor with responsibility for SEND

Rosey joined the Governing Body as a Co-Opted Governor in 2019 and took over as Chair of Governors in 2022.


Rosey trained as an Early Years Teacher at the University of Gloucestershire in 2008 and taught in a variety of schools in the West Midlands before relocating up to Cumbria in 2009.


Rosey worked at Frizington Nursery & Preschool from 2010-2014 both as Classroom Teacher in Nursery and a Childcare Worker in Preschool. Both of Rosey’s children have since attended Frizington Nursery and have truly loved their time. As a result Rosey is keen to help lead Frizington Nursery & Preschool and the high quality Early Years education it provides our children and allow the young children of the local community to flourish and thrive.


Claire Cleaver-Jones







Claire is a qualified Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager and has over 13 years’ experience in the nuclear industry.  Claire is particularly interested in the children developing their literacy and STEM skills.

She has one child who is currently loving her time attending the preschool.


Gwynneth Everett



Local Authority Governor


 I have been a governor since 2005. prior to this I worked in the nursery for 18 years as school secretary and over the years I have seen the nursery grow and develop. I became a governor as I am intensely proud of the service the nursery has given and continues to give the Frizington community and wanted in some small way to support the school

Michelle Quin



Co-Opted Governor


Health & Safety



Michelle has been a Co-Opted Governor since 2022 and her 2 sons currently attend Frizington Nursery School & Preschool. 

Amelia Gibson

Staff Governor

Amelia has been our Nursery Teacher since 2014 and joined the Governing Body as Staff Governor in 2022. She provides an invaluable first hand perspective of how the Nursery Class works and what we as a school can do to continue striving forwards and improving standards. 

Grant Quin


Parent Governor


Safeguarding Governor

Grant joined the Governing Body in November 2022. Grant's 2 sons currently attend Frizington Nursery & Preschool. 

Sam Kidd 

 Executive Headteacher 



 Sam is headteacher for Mayfield School in Whitehaven and has a wealth of experience in teaching and learning. Sam has been an Early Years Advisor for the county and is keen to support the setting as an Executive Headteacher until January 2023.

Kara Smallman

Acting Headteacher


Kara is an experienced SEND and Early Years teacher who is working with Sam Kidd in order to support the school through this transition period. Kara will have responsibility for the day to day running of the school and will be on site each day. Kara is keen to meet and greet the children and their respective parents/carers.  

 Lucy Dawson 


Clerk to the Governors



Lucy Dawson works as the school administrator and her role of Clerk to the Governors is an extension to this post.